Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coop Construction

(This view was taken last summer)

I'm super excited to report that construction on the chicken fortress has officially begun! Yay!

We'll ignore, for the moment, that it has taken us an entire year of planning and what's beginning to look like enough money to finance a small country for a year.  

I'll spare you all the gory details, however, suffice it to say my husband, bless his heart, tends toward over-analysing. He can research 'til the cows come home, are milked, fed, and sold to market. 

Me, I'm more the drill sergeant type. Needless to say, our styles have a tendency to clash.

But, here we are and plans have finally be agreed upon (even if I think the coop is going to be too small) and renovations are underway on an existing outbuilding.

Said outbuilding, much like our beloved 100 year old home, doesn't have a square corner or a single consistency and that, in all fairness, was one of the stumbling blocks to the start of construction.

When it's all done, it'll be equal parts fortress and palace. Fully insulated against our frigid winter conditions, with lots of ventilation and ample sunlight, they'll also have access to a run that will protect against gale force winds, provide their choice of sun or shade, and *fingers crossed* protect them from predators.

While The Frenchman is doing that, I'm reading up on and studying chicken husbandry so I'm ready to hit the ground running when our ladies arrive. Lisa Steele at Fresh Eggs Daily has been a huge source of information and clarification. She was even gracious enough to answer a question I e-mailed her about privately.

We still have a long way to go before it's ready for occupancy, however, we plan to bring a few pullets home in early summer.

I can't wait! It'll be (another) dream come true!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Chicken Fortress? Or Chateau des Poulets?

the7msn said...

Can't wait to see how many and what kind you bring home.

Caroline said...

Look at you! I love this...all of it! Yay!!!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh Carolynn, it's going to be such fun for you to have the "girls" and fresh eggs.

As I was reading this Lisa came to mind, and then you mentioned her. She truly is great source of information.


Carolynn Anctil said...

Debra: Ha! Yes, I stand corrected.

Linda: Unfortunately, unless we buy from local farmers, we only have the generic Little Brown Hen to choose from. We want to make sure they're healthy and this breeder inoculates them against Marek's disease. We're planning on getting 8 to start with. I would LOVE to have a few fancy coloured egg layers and a few different breeds, too, eventually. Oh...and a rooster. :o)

Caroline: It's pretty exciting!

Jen: I just hope all my girls are happy in their new home and all our existing critters behave themselves. :o) So much to learn! So much to learn!

altadenahiker said...

Oh, how exciting. I wonder if the chickens will frighten Willow. (I'm a shoot from the hip type of person, too; haven't the patience to analyze. But those engineer-types come in mighty handy.)

Sharon said...

That looks like it will be the perfect haven once it's ready for the new residents ~ Palace des Poulets? It's exciting to watch you work to make another dream come true. All your preparations will make the result all the sweeter. Blessings to you, Carolynn. You continue to inspire me ~

C-ingspots said...

Oh, how cool is that!? I just adore your old building/chicken fortress. If it were perfect, then it would have no character. I can soooo relate to having clashing styles/techniques with my hubby. I always think there's a better way, but have found it's best to make a comment and slowly back away and let him decide, since he's usually the one doing the actual labor. I'm a great helper! I've always wanted chickens, but we're already too, too busy and I will file chicken-keeping in my "someday" file. :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

Karin: I'm a little concerned it will be Willow frightening the chickens. She loves to chase birds that enter our airspace and she barks - too much. I hope they're made of stern stuff.

Sharon: I've been joking that the chicken fortress will be so nice it could double as a guest house. Interested..? :o)

C-ingspots: Once my husband begins the actual construction, I step back. It's getting him to take that first step that can be a challenge. I'm willing to accommodate him...to a point. :o)

Rain Trueax said...

hope the plan has easy access to the nest boxes. that can be a big help as if the eggs don't get gathered regularly hens can start eating them. Definitely not a plus. Having a rooster might cut back on that problem ;)

Eileen said...

Boy, this brings back memories for me. We had chickens when I was a child. It lasted only two years, as the owls and foxes were greedy pigs and mom was a horrible shot. (Dad refused to shoot anything even though he owned a gun).

Have fun with it and good luck. I remember fresh eggs and roast chicken so I'm thinking it was worth it. Mom isn't around to ask how she felt about the experiment!

Catherine said...

Hooray!!! Baby chicks! Can I come out to play please!!
xo Catherine

Carolynn Anctil said...

Rain: Definitely. I'll be out there checking the boxes every morning, when I let the ladies out for their morning stroll.

Eileeen: These girls will be pampered pets. I sincerely hope our efforts at fortifying the coop and our barking dog keep predators away.

Catherine: You bet! I'll give you the VIP tour.

Bobbybegood1 said...

Is that the true building/coop? Wow! That is amazing. I sure hope them chicks appreciate what you and hubs are doing. You have to forgive me but I keep forgetting to post comments on your beautiful blog. I will really try not to forget anymore. You have an amazing blog. Cheers!!

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

S. Etole said...

Or it could be a fun little playhouse. Happy Easter blessings.

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