Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old World Charm

The Frenchman is embarking on a new creative journey, one that has its roots in old world tradition - blacksmithing.

He's been busily buying up equipment from farmers who have no use for items that they've inherited from family members who made the tools themselves, as was the practice.  Much of what he's brought home is over 100 years old, well used, and steeped in history.   

One elderly man, in particular, is responsible for providing most of what The Frenchman needs to get started and, until recently, he used to make wagon wheels for a living.  The Frenchman plans to invite him over to see his shop once he has it set up to his satisfaction and he's cleaned everything in preparation for use.

The next challenge facing The Frenchman will be sourcing good quality coal for the forge.  

When I think of all the doors that have opened to us since moving into the country, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. We're still confronted with obstacles, to be sure, but it's exciting to contemplate where it all may lead.

And, you?  What are you grateful for today?


Catherine said...

I forgot to ask you yesterday if your sweetie got his blacksmithing tools. I see he has! And a side bonus - inspirational photo opportunities! :)
xo Catherine

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

It's true that living in a rural setting unleashes so many talents laying just beneath the surface! Looking forward to seeing more. xo

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What a amazing journey you two are on, creativity abounds. Add in the patina of those beautiful old pieces...sigh. Keep that camera clicking, those are wonderful shots.

It's nice to hear that the art will not be lost to the modern times.


altadenahiker said...

It's been my experience that all farriers are not only salt of the earth wonderful people, but artists as well. (Love the photos, by the way.)

JaneK said...

Way cool!

Sharon said...

Wow ~ preserving history, learning a trade, and using talents all in one. Classes for blacksmithing are available in our town, and the "barn" where they teach is a favorite hang-out.

Kimberley said...

The photos are beautiful, the life your building is amazing, and your Frenchman's new endeavor is the coolest! You guys are creating your dreams.

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