Thursday, March 27, 2014

Creature of Habit

After I see my husband off to work and attend to all the responsibilities of animal care, feeding myself, and setting the house to rights, I turn my thoughts to my work.  That's what I consider the time I devote in my studio each day to creative pursuits.  

What might be considered play or trivial by some is Research and Development to me.'s play. *grin*  I sort through and process photographs, write blog posts, and lately, I sit with my rainbow assortment of watercolour pencils and create illustrations.  Some good.  Some bad.  All valuable.

I've gradually established a routine that takes advantage of my body's natural energy levels and the sun's track across the sky. 

I've eased into a natural rhythm, incorporating ritual, that serves as a passage from one frame of mind to another. I begin by making a cup of my favourite Earl Gray green tea and it signals a softening around the edges of my busy mind.  The transition continues as I rise the steps that lead to my studio and sit at my desk. Music set low in the background to match my mood - classical, jazz, blues.  Before I turn to the tools of my craft, I light a soy candle lightly scented with vanilla and the process is complete, my mind is calm, I can begin.

There is one other thing that occurs.  Every time I sit down at my desk and before I can focus on my current project, Luna demands an audience.  She jumps up on the surface of my desk and monopolizes my attention.  She alternately marks the corner of my computer with her cheek, chins my pen, bumps the hand that's holding my tea, and generally puts herself smack dab in the middle of the action.  

It used to frustrate me until I decided to view her antics as complementary to my efforts and devoted a few minutes before work commenced to lavishing her with love and affection.  Now, it feels like Luna is conveying her own, personal form of blessing on the creativity that is about to unfold and I have happily incorporated it into my routine, to our mutual pleasure. 

What about you?  Do you have a series of things you do to prepare for your best work?  I'd love to hear.

These original watercolour illustrations are available to purchase here.


Sharon said...

Carolynn, I love this. I am in awe of your process and how you knew to do this. Your artwork glows with your contentment. I'm sure the gleam in Luna's eye is in there, too~

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Your work is amazing...your style is developing so quickly here. I think you are onto something Carolynn, and it's working well for you.


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Each one your share is just so sweet. I see big things for you in the not so distant future!

JaneK said...

"Some good. Some bad. All valuable." a very important life lesson as well.

LOVE the cottages... so cozy

happy day :)

Cheri said...

I loved reading about your ritual. I felt your peace surround me. I practice nothing but I really must start as I am so full of anxiety that it is effecting more aspects of my daily living than I want it too.

altadenahiker said...

Tell me more about the watercolor pencils. How do they work?

Kimberley said...

I am loving these little cottages! They give me that cozy, hearth-home feeling.

simply bev said...

Ooh, I'd love to live in one of these cottages! It sounds like you have a great routine and I'm sure the Luna is happy to help out with her part!

Catherine said...

Such sweet little houses. I like the square one best. Funny, as much as I love my teas, Earl Gray has never been one I can drink. I'm not sure why. But yes, tea and creativeness seam to go hand and hand. And if a kitty is close at hand? Even better! :)
xo Catherine

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