Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Story

This is not a story about betrayal.

This is not a story about the ways in which we manipulate ourselves for the pleasure of others.

This is not a story about sex or love or lust.

This is a story about the unseen mechanisms that operate just below the level of our conscious minds.  Ghosts, specters, Keepers of the Key.

This is about a night bathed in tears.  The damage had been done, the world would forever be altered and the genie would not be put back in the bottle.

Her world was crumbling.  In an instant, her life had been transformed into a landscape of funhouse mirrors and shifting sands.

Who was that who joined them in the marital bed that night and spoke with a child’s pleading voice?

“I’ll be a good girl.” She said.

Shocked silence sent her back to wherever she’d come from and like a member of the family who cannot be trusted with its darkest secrets she was never mentioned again.


I've enrolled in a writing e-course offered by Laurie Wagner that she calls Telling True Stories.  I'll be sharing the product of my work each week that results from the writing prompts she gives us.


TheChieftess said...

You captured my attention with this one!!! Gorgeous photo!!!

Beth P said...

WOW!!! Awesomeness my friend! You are making me want to get back to my writing muse...
Hugs and enjoy the day my sweet blogging sister,
Beth P

Annette Mickelson said...

Very powerful, Carolyn.

Nancy said...

Deep, powerful, and insightful...You have an uncanny ability to illustrate strong emotion with your words....

Caroline said...

OMG...so good...I want more!!!

Cassie said...

I am enjoying the work you are learning in the course.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Thanks everyone! It's turning into quite a wild ride. Thanks for joining me. *smile*

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We are all enjoying the work that you publish, it's amazing.


simply bev said...

Awesome! I'll be watching for more!

Sharon said...

Are you working on a novel you're not telling us about? Well, you've got us hooked from the beginning.

Thank you for your comment over at my place. I appreciate your support, Carolynn.

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